Discount Pet Drugs - Out of Country Meds

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I ordered Frontline for my cats on line. I went to use my debit card after that it had been frozen because they thought it had been used fraudulently this company is based out of country.

I immediately wrote the company they said my order had been sent the same day and could not refund my money.

I will never see that money again. PLEASE PLEASE do not order from them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I always order from Amazon and am sorry I did not this time. Do not trust out of USA meds they are not good for your pets we have no idea what so ever what you are actually receiving

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $70.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Discount Pet Drugs - Discount Pet Meds USA

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Advertised vs Delivered
Customer service
Diversity of Products or Services
Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy
Price Affordability
Product or Service Quality
Value for money

I ordered the 6 pack set (+ 1 bonus = 7) of Adult Cat Revolution on 4/9/17 and after the transaction processed I then decided to read the reviews on these type websites who don't have the VET IPPS certification. I figured, "oh boy, I just got ripped off." Well 9 business days later I got my order, from Australia, and I was very surprised at what I received.

7 boxes of the adult cat revolution with the original packaging and everything on the up and up. I haven't taken it anywhere to get it tested but it looks 100% legit.

So sometimes when you think it's too good to be true, maybe it's not? Thanks guys, so far so good.

Reason of review: On time delivery.



Ive ordered many times and its been legit

Discount Pet Drugs is a Scam & Rip-Off Don't Use Them


Discount Pet Drugs is an unethical, scam, rip-off, lying, cheating, POS business.

I filed a complaint about them with the Better Business Bureau.

Do not do business with them no matter what web site they return to.

I returned a product unused per their instructions that cost $100 and they didn't give me credit or my money back as they said they would. After numerous phone calls and emails which they refused to respond to I see they have disappeared from the Internet.

Good rid-dens and I hope they're paying for their unethical business practices.


Discount Pet Drugs - DiscountPetDrugs may kill my pet...

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I ordered Meds for my dog that keeps her alive, last, year from discountpetdrugs online and I talked to "John" on the phone who said they were working on a new Website. They charged my credit card and it took me 3 months after I paid and my begging them for the meds for my dog's life.

E-mail after e-mail and phone call after phone call. They would even hang up on me when they would accidentally answer the phone. Threats after threats of suing them. How dooo... they stay in business?

Trouble is, I don't know where to get my dogs meds "Viokase-V" at an affordable price.

But I'm looked out of their website so I won't be ordering from them even if I wanted to. Problem is...they have my prescription.


Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #249554

I ordered and rec'd meds to keep my cat alive, but it turns out the meds were not stored properly (refrigerated) and my cat died because of that. Please don't order any meds from this company.

They are no good. I would like to start a class action suit on this company, but don't know how.

Discount Pet Drugs is hiding after messing up

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August 2 placed order for $136 of drugs for dogs. Order confirmed within the hour.

August 3 credit card was billed.

August 6 order status unavailable. August 11 order status still unavailable. No tracking info anywhere.

August 11 sent e-mail to DiscountPet@aol_dot_com asking what is the status of my order since my credit card had been billed. David at discountpetdrugs_dot_com sent me an e-mail reply that "Your order status ... blank lines ... Thanks" My reply to that non-reply was that "You have just lost a customer." I guess that was when they removed my access to their internet store.

August 15 USPS indicated order had been sent to another city and state 150 miles away with a completely different zip code.

Today I am unable to sign in to my account at DiscountPetDrugs. Request for new password has not been sent.

How do these people remain in business when it takes two weeks to send an order and they charge the credit card two weeks before sending the order? I can understand the USPS messing up the order. That's typical more and more of this 'service.'

Discount Pet Drugs CREDIT CARD FRAUD

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THIS COMPANY IS A CREDIT CARD FRAUD! Please report all transactions with them to the NY BBB, Internet Crimes Complaint Center, Attorney General, your bank, the website provider they are using to host their store front with which is currently Yahoo, and AOL who they recieve their emails from.

You might also call the local city they are located at and file a report with the police dept there, fraud, especially credit card fraud is illigal and punsiable by law including fines and prison. These people will take your order, send you confirmation, bogus shipping/tracking info/ you will patiently wait, but if you wait to long you will have a harder time getting back the money you spent for good you will never recieve.

They are not an accredited business with a license, and they have terrible BBB rating!!! Be proactive and demand a refund while working with local and goverment agencies to prosocute scrumpulous people like these who thrive on stealing money from people who want to care for their pets.


Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #211777

This company was originally located in the pacific Time Zone. It was a yahoo vendor with many pet medications on its website.

After a few orders with them, the medications were no longer listed on their website. When I called and finally got through, they told me that they were "updating their web site" but that I could still order Rimadyl from them. I did. A few eeks later, I had 2 fraudulent charges on my debit card from the UK under a fictitious Yahoo name.

These people are criminals. Never do business with them.

Discount Pet Drugs -

Not resolved

I am very MAD, is a rip off. They never return calls or ship the product that you ordered.

The ONLY way to get your money back is to go through your bank and dispute the charges. I am working on a way to shut the company down. If you can help or have info please email me at This company needs to stop stealing peoples money.

They also are selling fake products which is why some people are receiveing brand name products that are not working. If you always purchase from a vet clinic you will never have a problem with the product.

I know I have been a vet tech for 11+ years. This company is a scam and needs to be shut down.


Monetary Loss: $40.



Apparently the whinning WORKED, this company has been shut down!! SO whinyconsumerpussies - stick that up your a**. LOL


Apparently the whining, the company has been shut down. SO whinyconsumerpussies - stick that up your a**. LOL


OK you really think that your whiny *** is going to shut down a company? Your an ***.

NEVER ORDER FROM Discount Pet Drugs & Supplies!!!!!


NEVER ORDER FROM Discount Pet Drugs & Supplies!!!!!!!!!

I placed an on-line order for a total $162.34 Wed June 16/10. On the 18th they e-mailed me that they needed to charge me an extra $21.99 for shipping. I called them on 6/19 to find out why - they had made an error in the price on the original order confirmation.

I agreed to the extra charge because I really needed the products I ordered. I never received an updated receipt or any confirmation that my order had been shipped! I e-mailed customer service on June 22 to find out my order status with no response.

I called 6/23 and could only leave a message - no call back. I called 6/24 and spoke to a representative who put me on hold for 9 plus minutes, then for 4 min. then said that he had no information but would e-mail me with it that day. No e-mail. I called again on the 26, no answer. I e-mailed that day that I was about to cancel my order if they didn't get back to me right away. No response.

I was worried that they where scamming me for the $184.33 that they already charged me.

I called again 6/29 put on hold for 5 min. then 8 min. he said he couldn't figure it out and would call back in 10 min. No call back. I was really PISSED off! I called 8 times that day no answer. 6/30 I called them 5 times, no answer and left one message stating that I was about to cancel my order. No reply!

I called 7/1 got a rep on the phone, he put me on hold for 12 min. At this point I was really PISSED!!!!!!! I told him I was canceling my order. He said that it was too late because they had already shipped 6/30 and would show up in 6 business days.

I told him that at this late date I really needed that prescription food asap. I was a first time customer and wanted to know what he was going to do for me to make up for their terrible service - i.e. speed up the shipping time. He wouldn't help me at all! He finally apologized for the first time! I said I wanted an accurate receipt today - so far nothing.

If the order doesn't show up in a timely fashion I will call Visa to cancel and complain, report them to the Better Business Bureau and post this review everywhere I can.

This business completely ***!!!! NEVER ORDER FROM Discount Pet Drugs & Supplies!!!!!



I think it's a shame that one bad apple spoiled a whole company. I've been dealing with them for almost 3 yrs, and never had a problem. They've been honest, speedy and considerate.

Maybe you did something wrong online when ordering, did you ever think of that?


Thank you for writing about your experience. I was going to order from them, but your story has changed my mind. I have placed orders in the past, but they have lost my business.


The company has been shut down. If you try and go to the URL it says that auth is needed.

After they stole my money I did not give up! I contacted my Local news channel,, yahoo, etc. I did however get my refund.

Hopefully you were able to get your refund. If not contact yahoo and they can tell you the steps you need to take and also go through you bank/Visa and file a "unathorized charge" claim form (this will prob be the fastest way.

I Wished I never ordered from Discount Pet Drugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I ordered food for my pet on April 9 and it is now April 20th and I still have not received my order. They charged me $12.99 for shipping yet their website says anything over $100 should get free shipping.

You can not ever get anyone on the phone and they never call back or even respond to my emails or faxes.

This is the worst company I have ever ordered from and I recommend to everyone PLEASE DO NOT ORDER FROM DISCOUNTPETDRUGS.COM!!!!!!!!!!!! They will take your money with no problem but they to not have customer service and why would it take 2 weeks for my order to come in what the *** is $12.99 for shipping for?????



I agree that it is impossible to speak with anyone. I must have tried emailing and calling 30 times in the past to no avail.. It is horrible..


For all we know, this company could be in China. I feel your pain as I have gone through this circumstance in the past.

Here are a few tips.

1) Be certain that the company is located in the country you are ordering from. If you are in the USA, only order from USA companies.

2) If ordering via internet even with a US company, google to see if there any complaints.

3) To avoid all hassles, get into your car, use public transit, car or have a friend take you to shop at local businesses. You support local business owners and support you municipalities tax base, which helps keep your taxes in check.

Since this is an issue and you have been unable to resolve this, I would suggest contacting your credit card company. I know there are several credit card companies that will reverse the charges and contact the retailer. This will get you your credit and you can hopefully shop locally to get your pets food.

Good luck!

Discount Pet Drugs - Do not order from here. Impossible to contact customer service.

Fort Benning,Georgia
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Not resolved

It is impossible to contact customer service. I tried to call several times with no answer, and reached a full voicemail box.

I emailed 2 seperate email addresses and did not hear back. My order was placed over 2 weeks ago and I have not received anything, and I no longer need the products, but I have no way to cancel the order.

I wish I had searched for reviews on this company, because now I realize that several others have had similar issues. I thought the name of the company sounded reputable, but it's just a generic name.

Monetary Loss: $115.



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