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I am very MAD, is a rip off. They never return calls or ship the product that you ordered.

The ONLY way to get your money back is to go through your bank and dispute the charges. I am working on a way to shut the company down. If you can help or have info please email me at This company needs to stop stealing peoples money.

They also are selling fake products which is why some people are receiveing brand name products that are not working. If you always purchase from a vet clinic you will never have a problem with the product.

I know I have been a vet tech for 11+ years. This company is a scam and needs to be shut down.


Monetary Loss: $40.

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Apparently the whinning WORKED, this company has been shut down!! SO whinyconsumerpussies - stick that up your a**. LOL


Apparently the whining, the company has been shut down. SO whinyconsumerpussies - stick that up your a**. LOL


OK you really think that your whiny *** is going to shut down a company? Your an ***.

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