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August 2 placed order for $136 of drugs for dogs. Order confirmed within the hour.

August 3 credit card was billed.

August 6 order status unavailable. August 11 order status still unavailable. No tracking info anywhere.

August 11 sent e-mail to DiscountPet@aol_dot_com asking what is the status of my order since my credit card had been billed. David at discountpetdrugs_dot_com sent me an e-mail reply that "Your order status ... blank lines ... Thanks" My reply to that non-reply was that "You have just lost a customer." I guess that was when they removed my access to their internet store.

August 15 USPS indicated order had been sent to another city and state 150 miles away with a completely different zip code.

Today I am unable to sign in to my account at DiscountPetDrugs. Request for new password has not been sent.

How do these people remain in business when it takes two weeks to send an order and they charge the credit card two weeks before sending the order? I can understand the USPS messing up the order. That's typical more and more of this 'service.'

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